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​Purdy Pro-Extra Large Core Roller Cover

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Purdy Pro Extra
(*Must be used with large core roller cage*)

This is our new standard roller for tall wall rolling, as well as ceiling painting. The clear advantage of this product is its enormous paint holding capacity. As with other large capacity microfiber rollers, dipping more than once per line is almost never necessary- even on the tallest walls. While this is true with several other microfiber rollers made by different companies, this one has a distinct advantage. The core size is larger, allowing for even more surface contact with the wall during actual use- even when compared to other rollers made of a similar material. Purdy claims this roller will hold 18 percent more paint than other, smaller core rollers- and we can back that up with numerous entryway repaints. Again, this roller easily outperforms 18” standard rollers- while offering a huge weight savings, and omitting the need for a double ended cage. As an added bonus, these rollers hold and apply paint with minimal splatter. This leads to a cleaner job, and allows much faster rolling without heavy splatter.

Are there any negatives to the use of this roller? Very few! One could complain that the finish is not as perfectly smooth as on a smaller nap roller, and that would be accurate. However, the difference is very small when compared with the astonishing time savings, along with improved chances of “one coating” a surface. Also, most repaints take place on imperfect and often heavily patched walls. In this case, a bit more texture is a positive thing. The only other drawback to using these rollers is that they must be used with a Purdy large core roller cage. Typically we wet rollers and spin them out to get the fuzz off of them, but be advised this roller will not fit on a standard roller spinner due to it’s large core size. It will be necessary to “tape off” these rollers to remove extra fuzz so that it is not deposited on the wall during rolling (Leave yourself several several minutes for this – NOT a quick process). Again, well worth the effort- especially when you are looking at a finished product so much sooner!

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