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3M Patch Plus Primer Spackle

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3M Patch Plus Primr

3M PATCH PLUS PRIMER SPACKLE- This is a cool new product, aimed at saving a step when using small amounts of spackle to repair nail holes and small areas of wall damage before painting. The advantage of this product is that it is supposed to show less “flashing” when painted over directly with a higher sheen paint, such as a Sherwin Williams Cashmere or Emerald. This product works as advertised, and we have found it useful for small wall repairs. We found it similarly helpful for filling holes in trim, where is use is suggested to prevent patches showing through the semi-gloss paint often applied when finishing trip. Be aware, however, that this product does NOT respond well to wet sanding, so if it is used for this purpose, the final product should be sanded with a sanding block or paper. The consistency of this is a bit harder to sand than regular spackle, but this is the trade off for having a product that is specially treated to be “ready to paint.” Because we always two coat fresh trim, and we usually wet sand after after patching holes in trim, we do not regularly use it for this situation, but we have certainly found it useful and very low “flash”  when used to fill nail holes and small dents and dings in walls, when painted directly with higher sheen paints.



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