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Sherwin Williams SuperPaint Acrylic Latex Paint And Primer In One

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Sherwin Williams Interior SuperPaint Satin

Sherwin Williams Super Paint – We recently had a chance to revisit this old favorite in its newest formulation. We had moved away from Superpaint over the past few years, as clients have been regularly asking for zero voc products. (These products have been fine tuned over the past few years and provide excellent, consistent results.) That said, perhaps the best comparison between zero voc products and Superpaint would be similar to the comparison between a Honda Civic and a Chevrolet Corvette. Driving a sports car, (Superpaint) carries some risks, but the payoff is very high when driven properly!

We always loved the Superpaint for several reasons. First was the exceptional coverage, and second was our ability to retouch it YEARS after application, with very little chance of failure- even on eggshell finish. We found that the newest version continues the tradition of exceptional coverage, (even providing a rare single-coated 16 foot wall over a darker paint with less sheen underneath,) while reducing line-up from the roller as well. This amazed us, because the level of sheen in this paint is actually much higher than that in comparable zero voc products, which would normally make it much more difficult to apply- especially on tall or side-lit walls.

There are some trade-offs when using a paint with high sheen and exceptional coverage. The main area of concern is that they tend to picture-box when applied. (This means sheen and thickness differences between brush cut line and rolled areas.) Superpaint is no exception, but if this challenge is managed properly during application, the reward is quite high. (Potential one coat walls, and bright, vibrant colors, combined with amazing thickness of coverage and durability.) We suggest a thin cut line, combined with cutting and rolling one wall at a time in order to keep picture boxing at bay. The key is not to allow the cut line to dry before the wall is rolled- this will keep the “double sheen” picture boxing problems to a minimum. Remember that this issue is also less apparent on lighter colors, but play it safe anyway!

We had been away from using Superpaint for quite some time, and once we used it again, realized how much we missed it! In a way, it is a reminder of the “old days” of painting, when products required a little more skill to apply, but provided results that made you say “WOW!” At a price point very similar to the low / zero voc products we use, and with improved performance over past iterations, (less spritz / no visible roller line-up,) we plan to work this wonderful paint back into our daily routine whenever possible! Welcome back, old friend.


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