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Behr Paint and Primer Premium Ultra Paint and Primer in One (Eggshell Finish)

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This product is often requested by homeowners, based on reviews they have read. We have found it to be an excellent paint, but with some caveats- especially when being applied by inexperienced users. The major positive we have found is that the color pallette is wide ranging and vibrant. They include some of the most bold colors we have applied in any of our jobs. The paint is a low voc product, though we find the odor to be quite high compared to some other paints we use. We feel it very important to note that, although advertised as a paint and primer in one, a number of colors require a tinted primer for proper coverage. (This information is available and can be referenced on the Behr website.) Our experience indicates that this paint does not necessarily cover better than non- paint and primer in one products. We suggest rolling the wall while the cut is still wet, to reduce picture boxing- especially when using a color with any base other than white. (Please ask about which base is used at the paint desk.) While we have found this paint to be somewhat temperamental to apply, the results when used carefully can be quite striking.

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