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Green Frog Tape

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Frog Tape Green
This daily use product is more expensive than traditional masking tapes, but its performance warrants the extra cost. While often considered a product for DIY, we have found it exceptionally helpful in a number of professional applications. First, it allows you to create the most crisp and clean line possible in difficult situations, because it […]

Picasso Brush by Pro Form

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Proform Picasso Top View
One of our daily use brushes for intricate or critical cut work is the Picasso by Proform. This brush gets mixed reviews from our staff, but has several unique properties which make it stand out for certain tasks. Many of them seem to be related to its oval shape, which sets it apart from other […]

Yellow Frog Tape

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Frog Tape Yellow
Yellow Frog Tape is the lowest adhesion version of paint blocking tape. While it maintains many of the benefits stated in the review of Green Frog Tape, it has the additional benefit of being safer for recently painted surfaces, or delicate surfaces such as finished wood, laminates, or wall paper. This tape requires the same […]

Bercom HANDy Paint Tray

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HANDy hi-capacity Paint Tray
One of our favorite daily use products is the BerCom HANDy Paint Tray. It is our go to product for holding paint for almost every rolling application. We like this product for several reasons. First, the tray uses reasonably priced tray liners, which can be thrown away after each use, easing cleanup time. It has […]