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Sherwin Williams Duration Home Interior Acrylic Paint: Matte, Satin, Semi-Gloss.

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SHERWIN WILLIAMS DURATION HOME INTERIOR ACRYLIC PAINT: MATTE, SATIN, SEMI-GLOSS –  Sherwin Williams claims “Duration Home paint and primer in one features exclusive cross linking technology that actually repels stains.”. I have no idea what that even  means. But I DO know that this is a product  people tend to either love or hate. That […]

PPG Pittsburgh BREAK-THROUGH! Ultra-Durable Water-Bourne Acrylic, Interior/Exterior Paint In Gloss

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PPG BREAK-THROUGH Ultra=Durable Water-Bourne Acrylic Interior/Exterior
PPG (PITTSBURGH) BREAK-THROUGH! ULTRA-DURABLE WATER-BOURNE ACRYLIC, INTERIOR/EXTERIOR PAINT IN GLOSS: We have been wanting to get our hands on this “breakthrough” product from the day our PPG rep told us it existed. Excellent adhesion to difficult surfaces? Harder than most any comparable product in it’s class? 20-minute dry time? 2 hour re-coat time? Virtually no […]

Wooster Ultra/Pro Firm Brush

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Wooster Ultra/Pro Firm Brush
WOOSTER ULTRA/PRO FIRM- We call this the “Wooster Red,” and it is our most frequently used brush for several reasons. First, we find that the bristles are just firm enough to rides smoothly when cutting even over flat paint or other difficult to cut surfaces. Second, and perhaps even more important, these brushes last FOREVER […]

3M Patch Plus Primer Spackle

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3M Patch Plus Primr
3M PATCH PLUS PRIMER SPACKLE- This is a cool new product, aimed at saving a step when using small amounts of spackle to repair nail holes and small areas of wall damage before painting. The advantage of this product is that it is supposed to show less “flashing” when painted over directly with a higher […]

Sherwin Williams Synthetic Shellac Alternative

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Sherwin Williams Synthetic Shellac Primer
SHERWIN WILLIAMS SYNTHETIC SHELLAC ALTERNATIVE- Writing this review from the walk in clinic where I am being treated for a migraine, I would have to call this the very best performing priming product we have ever worked with. This primer actually shares nothing in common with shellac, (it is incredibly thick, and not alcohol based,) […]

Purdy Ultrafinish Microfiber Roller Cover

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Purdy Ultra Finish Premium Microfiber
PURDY ULTRAFINISH MICROFIBER ROLLER COVERS– We tend to use microfiber roller covers anytime possible. They tend to hold an AMAZING amount of paint for their thickenss, and roll paint with great smoothness and minimal spritz. The common complaint we hear about the use of this type of roller is that the finish is not as […]

Zinsser Dif Wallpaper Remover Concentrate

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Zinnser Dif Concentrate
Zinsser Dif Wallpaper Remover Concentrate – Removing wallpaper sucks. Badly. Always. Wallpaper removal is truly one of life’s great mysteries- you simply never know what you are going up against. Did the paperhanger use superglue as a prank? Did anyone consider sizing/priming the drywall before slathering the adhesive on and sticking paper to it? These […]

Festool CT-26 HEPA Vacuum

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Head Of The Class
Festool CT-26 HEPA Vacuum – Simply put, the Festool CT-26 HEPA vacuum has two main qualities- it is expensive, and it is WORTH IT.  I would call this one of very few items we actually find indispensable. The Festool vacuum and sander system is an industrial strength machine, made for heavy use under difficult conditions. […]

​Purdy Pro-Extra Large Core Roller Cover

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Purdy Pro Extra
(*Must be used with large core roller cage*) This is our new standard roller for tall wall rolling, as well as ceiling painting. The clear advantage of this product is its enormous paint holding capacity. As with other large capacity microfiber rollers, dipping more than once per line is almost never necessary- even on the tallest walls. […]