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Festool CT-26 HEPA Vacuum

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Head Of The Class
Festool CT-26 HEPA Vacuum – Simply put, the Festool CT-26 HEPA vacuum has two main qualities- it is expensive, and it is WORTH IT.  I would call this one of very few items we actually find indispensable. The Festool vacuum and sander system is an industrial strength machine, made for heavy use under difficult conditions. […]

ArroWorthy 9/16 inch Microfiber Rollers

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Arroworthy Microfiber
**See updated review at the bottom of this article** This is a daily use item for us, and has recently replaced another favorite roller. Why? First, this is the highest capacity roller we have found in 9/16 inch nap. We are amazed at the amount of paint we can apply with a single dip, without […]

​Purdy Pro-Extra Large Core Roller Cover

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Purdy Pro Extra
(*Must be used with large core roller cage*) This is our new standard roller for tall wall rolling, as well as ceiling painting. The clear advantage of this product is its enormous paint holding capacity. As with other large capacity microfiber rollers, dipping more than once per line is almost never necessary- even on the tallest walls. […]

Green Frog Tape

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Frog Tape Green
This daily use product is more expensive than traditional masking tapes, but its performance warrants the extra cost. While often considered a product for DIY, we have found it exceptionally helpful in a number of professional applications. First, it allows you to create the most crisp and clean line possible in difficult situations, because it […]

Picasso Brush by Pro Form

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Proform Picasso Top View
One of our daily use brushes for intricate or critical cut work is the Picasso by Proform. This brush gets mixed reviews from our staff, but has several unique properties which make it stand out for certain tasks. Many of them seem to be related to its oval shape, which sets it apart from other […]

Bercom HANDy Roller Pail

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HANDy Roller Pail
This is one of our favorite products, and sees daily use with many of our team members. These pots have convenient handles, and flat bottoms allowing them to sit safely without tipping. They use replaceable liners that can be reused if they are washed out immediately after using. (We like this because we are cheap!) […]

Valspar Stainblocking Primer

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Valspar Stainblocking Primer
This is now our go to primer for many uses. Its coverage is amazing, its adhesion is excellent, its dry time is very fast, and best of all, it is INEXPENSIVE. Add that it is latex based for easy cleanup, and that it primes nearly any surface effectively, and you have our go-to product for […]

Spring tools Spring Loaded Nail Set / Hinge Remover

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Spring Loaded Nail Set
What is cooler than using a spring loaded nail set or hinge remover, rather than smashing your fingers trying to do the same job with a hammer and screwdriver? NOTHING. In addition to resulting in less finger smashing, these tools are also tiny, (they fit in your pocket,) and don’t slip and gouge expensive woodwork […]

Promar 200 0 VOC

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Promar 200
This may seem politically incorrect to say, but NONE of us were thrilled to see the release of the new Promar. Why? Quite frankly, we have never used a 0 VOC paint that  we felt had the qualities necessary for  professional use. And we know that eventually all paints will change over to 0 voc, […]