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Krud Kutter

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Krud Kutter
Another daily use product is Krud Kutter, which is a surface cleaner / degreaser. It is citrus based and biodegradable, and we have found it safe for every surface we have used it on. This product has too many uses to mention, but one of our favorites is for cleaning nicotine smoke damaged and soot damage on all on trim door surfaces. In a recent test, we found that trim not treated with krud kutter required fewer coats than treated surfaces to achieve the exact same final result. Another great use is as an additive for power washing, where we find it to be the best overall product for removing grease and grime, while remaining biodegradable. A third use is for product cleanup, where we find a 50% mix with water assists greatly in cleaning brushes and roller cages.  lists a huge number of other uses, as well.




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