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Bercom HANDy Roller Pail

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HANDy Roller Pail

This is one of our favorite products, and sees daily use with many of our team members. These pots have convenient handles, and flat bottoms allowing them to sit safely without tipping. They use replaceable liners that can be reused if they are washed out immediately after using. (We like this because we are cheap!) This version not only has a magnet to hold your brush so the bristles wont flood with paint, but even has a textured ramp inside that allows for the use of a 6 inch mini roller. This makes it the perfect tool for trim and door painting, as well as the best all around paint holder we have used.  Stretchable plastic covers are also available for covering the entire pot when not in use. While we don’t recommend allowing paint to set for too long since it will start to clump on the roller ramp, these covers allow you to keep your paint fresh while on short breaks.

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