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PPG Pittsburgh BREAK-THROUGH! Ultra-Durable Water-Bourne Acrylic, Interior/Exterior Paint In Gloss

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PPG BREAK-THROUGH Ultra=Durable Water-Bourne Acrylic Interior/Exterior


We have been wanting to get our hands on this “breakthrough” product from the day our PPG rep told us it existed. Excellent adhesion to difficult surfaces? Harder than most any comparable product in it’s class? 20-minute dry time? 2 hour re-coat time? Virtually no risk of blocking? Sounded a little too good to be true, but he of course he had us at “I think you will really like this”. And WOW, DO WE EVER!

The first thing I want to mention  about this product is the disclaimer that not unlike other specialty products that stick to most any surface ( I am thinking Rust-Oleum countertop paint, 2 part epoxy floor coverings, etc,), BREAK-THROUGH is not for beginners.  When it says it dries in 20 minutes, it really means it. And that also means it starts to tack up almost instantly. So there is no going back to smooth out areas or straighten lines that may not have come out the way you wanted them on the first pass. We mixed latex extender in as we often do with quick drying products, and even with a generous mix ratio in favor of open time we found we had roughly 30-60 seconds to work with. It gave us a similar feel to painting a piece of metal siding on a sunny day that is way too hot, dry, and windy to painting on.

But fear not folks, the feel is the only part of this comparison that holds up. BREAK-THROUGH actually does level out and lay down for an incredibly smooth, near texture-free surface.  We applied it to laminate cabinets with a brush and sponge roller, and despite being next to impossible to scrape off (we compared it side by side to a fully cured pre-catalyzed epoxy and the BREAK-THROUGH appeared to hold the advantage), the little bit of texture that did remain sanded down quite nicely and matched in flawlessly with the second pass.  The sprayed finish on the cabinet doors was even more impressive, looking as close to a factory finish as anything I have worked with to date.  Add to that much less worry about dry time with racking cabinet doors to finish the other side. The excitement was growing wildly at this point because we got this far by lunch when we are used to having to wait until the following day to recoat.

The coverage was another feature we found superior side by side with the epoxy – doing in 2 coats what the epoxy was by barely doing in 3. And  BREAK-THROUGH  has minimal odor. I am not sure what magic they are putting in the can to make all of this possible with low-VOC content, but I DEFINITELY enjoyed my customers coming home at the end of the day and telling us they were surprised by how little their house smelled.

I was completely blown away by this product. I am looking forward to using BREAK-THROUGH for some other applications, which according to the brochure includes drywall, trim, ceramic tile, metal fixtures, commercial shelving, and even floors. I will be sure to up update the review with more info as it becomes available.

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