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Promar 200 0 VOC

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Promar 200

This may seem politically incorrect to say, but NONE of us were thrilled to see the release of the new Promar. Why? Quite frankly, we have never used a 0 VOC paint that  we felt had the qualities necessary for  professional use. And we know that eventually all paints will change over to 0 voc, with the older versions going the way of dinosaurs- and oil paint.  We love the idea of a paint with less damaging compounds. The problem has come when homeowners requested a 0 voc paint, only to have an unsatisfactory result which we immediately had to recoat with regular paint. For us, Promar 0 voc paint has proven a game changer. We have found this product to be equal to its predecessor in every way- excellent coverage, ease of touch up, (our worst complaint with other brands,) lack of lining up on the wall, and a beautiful color pallette. Yet at the same time, all volatile organic compounds have been removed, making it potentially safer / healthier to use. This is the ONLY 0 voc paint we have used so far that we believe performs as well as any excellent traditional paint. Adding that the 200 series paints are reasonably priced for a top quality product, we can whole heartedly recommend this paint for anyone wishing to use a high quality paint, while also being conscious of health concerns related to traditional paint formulas. Available in flat, low-sheen, eggshell, semi-gloss, and gloss finishes.

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