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Promar 400 0-VOC Latex Primer

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Sherwin Williams Promar 400 0-VOC Primer

Promar 400 0-VOC Latex Primer


Note to Sherwin Williams – when you make an AMAZING primer, TELL PEOPLE. Give it a cool name, and make the can look exciting. Yes, this is a 0-VOC paint product, which makes it safer to use, and the low odor is loved by our staff and our clients as well. But what we really love about it is that it seals patches and bare drywall better than any primer we have ever used, short of oil and shellac.

     I’m really not trying to give you a hard time, Sherwin, but if the can looked cooler, we would have tried this stuff a long time ago. We finally decided to give it a spin when a client asked for an inexpensive 0-VOC product and we decided to take a chance. We have used it as our primary patched wall sealer ever since.

     While the low price of this primer is a good selling point on its own, the thing we noticed immediately is that it eliminated all trace of patched areas, even when covered by Cashmere Low-Lustre  (which is Cashmere’s version of an eggshell sheen). We have had problems with patches under paint with any type of sheen for years, and this primer eliminated the problem with one try. While we have experimented with many other latex primers that work well on bare drywall, this is BY FAR the best we have ever used at sealing patched surfaces on walls with existing paint. We find it comparable to the sealing power of Gardz, but with enough pigment that, when color matched, could allow for a single primer / single paint coat finished product- even when applying a somewhat shiny finish. (Especially with Cashmere, which covers so well anyway.) Great work guys! Now please put a cool picture on the can.

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