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Purdy Ultrafinish Microfiber Roller Cover

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Purdy Ultra Finish Premium Microfiber

PURDY ULTRAFINISH MICROFIBER ROLLER COVERS– We tend to use microfiber roller covers anytime possible. They tend to hold an AMAZING amount of paint for their thickenss, and roll paint with great smoothness and minimal spritz. The common complaint we hear about the use of this type of roller is that the finish is not as smooth as with a traditional roller cover. (While this may be true in some cases, the difference is negligible over anything other than pristine, new drywall, and we find that the ability to roll taller walls without stopping to dip during a line FAR outweighs any other disadvantages.) In either case, Purdy has come to the rescue with their new half-inch Ultrafinish roller covers. These covers offer a thinner nap (1/2″ compared to the 9/16″ or 3/4″ standards), yet still hold enough paint for even a 16 foot wall to be coated in a single pass. In addition, this “thinner thickness” nap manages to yield a finish which is shockingly smooth- and compares favorably even to traditional roller covers. Add to this that the durability of the newest microfiber covers is much better than in the recent past, and you have a nearly perfect product. These rollers hold up for days on end and tend to work almost as good as new after being cleaned and spun out. This is our current daily use roller cover.

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