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Sherwin Williams Emerald Interior Acrylic Latex Paint

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Sherwin Williams Emerald Acrylic Latex Satin Paint

Shwrwin Williams Emerald Interior Acrylic Latex Paint- This is Sherwin’s flagship paint, and it is an excellent product, though this quality comes at a price. We use it at customer request, and find it is a pleasure to apply. We find that it has three stand out qualities- one being its very fast cure time, it’s ability to cover many surfaces that might otherwise require priming, and finally it’s incredibly strong adhesion. When using high end paints of similar formulation from other manufacturers, (again, these are not everyday choices for all of our clients due to material cost…) we find that this product cures FAR faster than any competitor in the same category, while also providing durable, exceptional coverage. This gives us a great advantage when doing a very high end job on a tight timeline.

     If we had to come up with areas where this paint did not excel, there are only two we could come up with. (Well, three if you include the price.) First, we have had difficulty with this paint lumping up in the tray and cut pot. This has not happened to us every time we used it, but on several occasions we found ourselves having to strain the paint every 1 1/2 – 2 hours in both the satin and semi-gloss. The paint was bought from multiple stores for various projects over the course of the year, so we are not sure if this is an issue with the batch, airflow, humidity, etc. But it is something to be aware of since straining can be a costly time-waster.  Second, the finish, while beautiful, doesn’t appear to have quite as much sheen as some of it’s competitors in the same category. This is more the case for the satin than the semi-gloss, and it did not bother us much since this also means roller marks are better hidden. 

     Emerald provides an amazing finish, but this finish comes at a price. We love it for the quality and vibrancy of color, and the smooth result it provides. It can also be applied fairly quickly when rolling, while still adhering extremely well. Overall, we would say it is a perfect choice for any high end job being done on a tight schedule, and where maximum coverage and adhesion are needed.Just make sure you pick up a strainer or 2 until we are able to make an update on the causation of the clumping issue..

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