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Sherwin Williams Synthetic Shellac Alternative

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Sherwin Williams Synthetic Shellac Primer

SHERWIN WILLIAMS SYNTHETIC SHELLAC ALTERNATIVE- Writing this review from the walk in clinic where I am being treated for a migraine, I would have to call this the very best performing priming product we have ever worked with. This primer actually shares nothing in common with shellac,
(it is incredibly thick, and not alcohol based,) other than that it covers and seals almost any surface better than any other product! We found that it was even able to fill in a crackled paint finish,(on a damaged wall we were repainting,) so well that a skim coat of spackle was barely needed. We use traditional shellac to seal any “mystery liquid” or stain that fights its way through oil. This seems to seal just as well, while also adding a thick layer in a tintable product! While this review might make you want to run out and buy some, we suggest strongly that you DON’T! After testing this product, we discovered that while its performance is second to none, the level of smell created by this product makes it almost unusable in all but industrial applications. We recently painted a small bathroom in a 4,000 square foot house, and the owner had to leave the home due to the smell- despite being on a different floor and having windows open with exhaust fans in place. This problem is exacerbated by the fact that this smell does NOT quickly dissipate, as with traditional alcohol based shellac. Our little bathroom had to be kept sealed and off limits overnight before we could re-enter and begin painting- despite the shellac being dry to the touch in just 15 minutes! We are heartbroken by this, given that the performance of this product is like a dream come true. We are hoping the formula can be adjusted in some way to reduce the level of odor, but we worry that there may not be a way to make this product stink less and still outperform every other product we have used. In short, this is an amazing sealant, but is not for the faint of heart.

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