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Purdy Ultrafinish Microfiber Roller Cover

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Purdy Ultra Finish Premium Microfiber
PURDY ULTRAFINISH MICROFIBER ROLLER COVERS– We tend to use microfiber roller covers anytime possible. They tend to hold an AMAZING amount of paint for their thickenss, and roll paint with great smoothness and minimal spritz. The common complaint we hear about the use of this type of roller is that the finish is not as […]

​Purdy Pro-Extra Large Core Roller Cover

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Purdy Pro Extra
(*Must be used with large core roller cage*) This is our new standard roller for tall wall rolling, as well as ceiling painting. The clear advantage of this product is its enormous paint holding capacity. As with other large capacity microfiber rollers, dipping more than once per line is almost never necessary- even on the tallest walls. […]

Whizz Product Big Dipper

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This is a daily use item for us. There is a clear advantage to this product over other roller covers, which is its exceptional paint holding capacity. After years of breaking our backs using 18” rollers with difficult to use, double ended cages, we now use 9” high capacity rollers for almost all jobs. While […]