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Sherwin Williams

Sherwin Williams Duration Home Interior Acrylic Paint: Matte, Satin, Semi-Gloss.

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SHERWIN WILLIAMS DURATION HOME INTERIOR ACRYLIC PAINT: MATTE, SATIN, SEMI-GLOSS –  Sherwin Williams claims “Duration Home paint and primer in one features exclusive cross linking technology that actually repels stains.”. I have no idea what that even  means. But I DO know that this is a product  people tend to either love or hate. That […]

Sherwin Williams Synthetic Shellac Alternative

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Sherwin Williams Synthetic Shellac Primer
SHERWIN WILLIAMS SYNTHETIC SHELLAC ALTERNATIVE- Writing this review from the walk in clinic where I am being treated for a migraine, I would have to call this the very best performing priming product we have ever worked with. This primer actually shares nothing in common with shellac, (it is incredibly thick, and not alcohol based,) […]

Promar 400 0-VOC Latex Primer

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Sherwin Williams Promar 400 0-VOC Primer
Promar 400 0-VOC Latex Primer   Note to Sherwin Williams – when you make an AMAZING primer, TELL PEOPLE. Give it a cool name, and make the can look exciting. Yes, this is a 0-VOC paint product, which makes it safer to use, and the low odor is loved by our staff and our clients […]

Promar 200 0 VOC

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Promar 200
This may seem politically incorrect to say, but NONE of us were thrilled to see the release of the new Promar. Why? Quite frankly, we have never used a 0 VOC paint that  we felt had the qualities necessary for  professional use. And we know that eventually all paints will change over to 0 voc, […]

Sherwin Williams Maxflex

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Sherwin WIlliams - MaxFlex
This is our go to caulk for almost all jobs. It has good adhesion and minimal shrinkage. Its best quality is that it is extremely resistant to cracking out- due to its elastomeric formula. (This fancy word means that it remains pliable and stretches as the house settles.) We often use this caulk to fill […]

Duron Prokote

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Duron Pro Kote Supreme in Flat
This is the paint we have applied the most of over the years, and we still consider it one of the best affordable paints available. It has consistent performance across the full spectrum of available colors, and has many other positive points as well. This paint provides excellent coverage at a low cost, and generally […]