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Wooster Ultra/Pro Firm Brush

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Wooster Ultra/Pro Firm Brush
WOOSTER ULTRA/PRO FIRM- We call this the “Wooster Red,” and it is our most frequently used brush for several reasons. First, we find that the bristles are just firm enough to rides smoothly when cutting even over flat paint or other difficult to cut surfaces. Second, and perhaps even more important, these brushes last FOREVER […]

Purdy Ultrafinish Microfiber Roller Cover

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Purdy Ultra Finish Premium Microfiber
PURDY ULTRAFINISH MICROFIBER ROLLER COVERS– We tend to use microfiber roller covers anytime possible. They tend to hold an AMAZING amount of paint for their thickenss, and roll paint with great smoothness and minimal spritz. The common complaint we hear about the use of this type of roller is that the finish is not as […]

Bercom HANDy Roller Pail

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HANDy Roller Pail
This is one of our favorite products, and sees daily use with many of our team members. These pots have convenient handles, and flat bottoms allowing them to sit safely without tipping. They use replaceable liners that can be reused if they are washed out immediately after using. (We like this because we are cheap!) […]

Spring tools Spring Loaded Nail Set / Hinge Remover

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Spring Loaded Nail Set
What is cooler than using a spring loaded nail set or hinge remover, rather than smashing your fingers trying to do the same job with a hammer and screwdriver? NOTHING. In addition to resulting in less finger smashing, these tools are also tiny, (they fit in your pocket,) and don’t slip and gouge expensive woodwork […]

Sherwin Williams Maxflex

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Sherwin WIlliams - MaxFlex
This is our go to caulk for almost all jobs. It has good adhesion and minimal shrinkage. Its best quality is that it is extremely resistant to cracking out- due to its elastomeric formula. (This fancy word means that it remains pliable and stretches as the house settles.) We often use this caulk to fill […]

Easy Mask

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This is an all in one masking product, which consists of a roll of paper, (available in varying widths,) with an adhesive on one edge. It is an excellent product for masking any item you are trying to protect from paint splatter. We love to use it to protect surfaces close to where we are […]

Yellow Frog Tape

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Frog Tape Yellow
Yellow Frog Tape is the lowest adhesion version of paint blocking tape. While it maintains many of the benefits stated in the review of Green Frog Tape, it has the additional benefit of being safer for recently painted surfaces, or delicate surfaces such as finished wood, laminates, or wall paper. This tape requires the same […]

Whizz Product Big Dipper

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This is a daily use item for us. There is a clear advantage to this product over other roller covers, which is its exceptional paint holding capacity. After years of breaking our backs using 18” rollers with difficult to use, double ended cages, we now use 9” high capacity rollers for almost all jobs. While […]

Krud Kutter

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Krud Kutter
Another daily use product is Krud Kutter, which is a surface cleaner / degreaser. It is citrus based and biodegradable, and we have found it safe for every surface we have used it on. This product has too many uses to mention, but one of our favorites is for cleaning nicotine smoke damaged and soot […]