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Valspar Duramax Exterior Paint And Primer In One Satin Finish

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Valspar Duramax Exterior Paint And Primer, Lowe's Display

We were planning on holding off posting this review until we completed some side by side testing. We decided to wait no longer, however, because we have switched to using this paint almost exclusively for our outdoor work, and with few exceptions, for hard to cover basement areas as well. Basically, anywhere an exceptionally durable, mildew-resistant painted finish is needed, we use this product. Over the years, we have used many outdoor paints. All provided a long lasting finish, but in many cases, either the color palette was limited, the price was exorbitant, or the material was finicky and challenging to apply. When we first used Duramax, we were impressed- but at the same time had that “too good to be true” feeling. It applied with the ease of an interior paint, despite making a thick, ultra durable finish. We also noticed that the colors seemed more vibrant than other paints we had used, and that the final finish appears to hold it’s original brilliance with minimal fading across the entire line of colors. Over time, the “too good to be true” feeling has left us. We have continued to find it the ideal paint for our outdoor jobs- and have even discovered some other benefits not immediately noticed at first, such as a quick set up / dry time, allowing for quicker recoating. Also, while we never recommend trying to fill in cracks with paint on residential applications, Duramax is thick enough that it can and will do this.                                                     If I were to nitpick to find a negative, it would be that the odor associated with this paint is a bit higher than the others we have used over the years. This is only a real difficulty when painting closed in basement surfaces, and as the boss says, “that is why God invented respirators.” As for drawbacks to its use outside, we just haven’t found any. It has the ease of use that makes it perfect for the do it yourselfer, while performing at a level needed for the most demanding professional applications.

Deep Base colors matched to Pantone Fan Deck

Deep Base colors matched to Pantone Fan Deck

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