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Valspar Reserve Interior Paint And Primer In One

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Valspar Reserve Interior Paint And Primer In One

VALSPAR RESERVE- Valspar Reserve is the newest addition to Valspar’s paint product line, and is their flagship product. We have recently begun using this paint after several customers requested it. We have been very impressed with it based on two fantastic qualities. First, it is a thick paint which yields excellent coverage. Second, it lives up to its promise of being an excellent stain blocker. (Many paints claim to be a “paint and primer” in one, but without stain blocking ability, this quality really makes no practical difference.) This product seems like a perfect combination of their highest level paint, put together in one jar with their stainblocking primer, which we have always liked.

We put this paint to the test over difficult to cover colors, as well as some wall stains we would have normally oil primed, and found that two coats sealed the wall stains, while providing excellent overall coverage as well. Also, we were impressed that this paint provided a smooth, even finish despite being applied in very high humidity- a challenge that has proven difficult for some Valspar products to overcome in the past. As always, colors were rich and vibrant. As with all high sheen products, (their sheen level tends to be higher than similarly rated products from other manufacturers, primarily Sherwin,) this paint should be applied carefully with a thin cut and wall by wall cut and roll, to avoid picture boxing. Overall, we are thrilled with this new product, and are happy to have it available for tough to cover walls. We would be happy with this product even if it weren’t MUCH cheaper than the products it is intended to compete with- which it IS!


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