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Whizz Product Big Dipper

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This is a daily use item for us. There is a clear advantage to this product over other roller covers, which is its exceptional paint holding capacity. After years of breaking our backs using 18” rollers with difficult to use, double ended cages, we now use 9” high capacity rollers for almost all jobs. While maintaining the same paint capacity as a non-microfiber 18” roller, they are lightweight and provide an excellent finish on all surfaces. In addition, they hold paint in such a way that splatter from the roller is greatly reduced. This not only provides a cleaner work area, but also allows much faster rolling without heavy splatter. A final advantage is that the surface has less “give” than traditional rollers, allowing for easier consistent blending of paint on the wall. Less dipping due to high capacity also yields a superior finish on difficult walls, such as tall two story entryways. We are able to make a single pass from floor to ceiling without re-dipping, which creates a consistent finish with no overlap, even when viewed from the side. There is a larger prep time with this product than with any other roller type, however. We often “tape off” these rollers to remove extra fuzz so that it is not deposited on the wall during rolling. Another technique often recommended is to wet the roller, then spin it dry on the cage before use. To give maximum quality results, we often use both techniques. Remember that the speed of rolling provided by this product makes up the additional prep time.

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