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Wooster Ultra/Pro Firm Brush

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Wooster Ultra/Pro Firm Brush

WOOSTER ULTRA/PRO FIRM- We call this the “Wooster Red,” and it is our most frequently used brush for several reasons. First, we find that the bristles are just firm enough to rides smoothly when cutting even over flat paint or other difficult to cut surfaces. Second, and perhaps even more important, these brushes last FOREVER when treated properly. Though “forever” is probably a bit of an exaggeration, we are able to keep these brushes in use for MONTHS at a time, with DAILY use. Over the years, we have found no other brush that is able to outlast this, and given its excellent performance and qualities, they are our favorite. While other specialty brushes excel at some tasks when compared to these, (a high capacity oval cut brush would hold more paint and provide a longer continuous cut line, for example,) NO other brush can compete for overall usability and durability. The bristles are “just right,” allowing for excellent paint application and line cutting, without either being to stiff and pushing the cut thin in the middle, or being too loose and causing a inconsistent cut. If there is a downside to this brush, it is that the bristles tend to bend when left sitting against the bottom of your paint can when not in use. This problem is easily solved by suspending the brush from the side of the can / cut pot when not in use, using tape, or the method of your choice. Overall, we don’t think there is a better value in any other paintbrush available.

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