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Zinsser Dif Wallpaper Remover Concentrate

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Zinnser Dif Concentrate

Zinsser Dif Wallpaper Remover Concentrate – Removing wallpaper sucks. Badly. Always. Wallpaper removal is truly one of life’s great mysteries- you simply never know what you are going up against. Did the paperhanger use superglue as a prank? Did anyone consider sizing/priming the drywall before slathering the adhesive on and sticking paper to it? These are questions we have run up against at times, and reveal the difficulties of taking down that which you did not put up. Enter DIF Wallpaper Remover concentrate. We call it the great equalizer, because in MOST cases, it speeds the removal of paper. We use it two ways- either diluted with water in a steamer, which allows us to quickly saturate both top and underlayers, and also diluted with water in a bug sprayer- in cases where the wall wasn’t properly primed, and we need to avoid tearing up the drywall underneath. We find the primary advantages of using it include faster penetration of moisture into the top layer of paper, and MUCH easier scraping and removal of remaining glue after the backing is pulled off. In best case scenarios, working with a properly primed wall, the addition of diff concentrate to the steamer allows us to take off almost all of the old glue- without causing anything more than very minor damage to the wall itself. And because a patched wall is NEVER as good as unpatched surface, this is a huge selling point that brings us back to this product again and again.   



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