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Zipwall Dust Barrier System

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Dust Control? NO PROBLEM!

Zipwall Dust Barrier System – This is a great product, with a very fast learning curve! These expandable, spring loaded poles can be used to hold plastic or other materials from floor to ceiling, allowing the user to block dust and other contaminants from leaving the work area. This pleases homeowners greatly, and saves us a TON of time on cleanup. Everybody wins. Combined with ease of use and the protection they provide, they are an invaluable part of any dust control system, and are an absolute MUST when dealing with lead-based paint. Heavy duty zippers can be added with very little trouble for multiple room setups and for ease of movement.  We purchased our first set of Zipwall zip poles years ago, when we were still using power sanders without the benefit of a proper HEPA Vac system. It’s hard to place a value on the time and cleanup they saved us. We use this system regularly any time we have substantial sanding to do, and any place we need to set up a spray station. The Zipwall System is an absolute must for any contractor or homeowner who is need of a clean interior workspace that can be cut off from other rooms of a house or business.

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